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Welcome to Palm Coast Inspection Services

If you are looking for a thorough home inspection, you are at the right place. I encourage my customers to be at the inspection and the one thing my customers all have in common is they say “I can’t believe how thorough you are” or “I have had home inspections before, but I never seen anyone as thorough as you”.  My goal on every inspection is to hear a comment like that at the end of the inspection.

Not all of my customers can attend the inspection, but that is okay because I provide all my customers with an easy to read full color inspection report. Any deficiencies I find in the house are photographed and described in detail. I take close up photos so you can see the problem and a more distant photos so you have a frame of reference where the problem is located.

I visually inspect your house from top to bottom inside and out. My system is simple. I take one room of the house at a time and inspect everything between the walls, ceiling and floor. I check everything in the room, electric, plumbing, appliances, windows, doors and the condition of the walls, ceiling and floor. Then I move to the next room and repeat the same procedure throughout the house. The attic is inspected and not just from the attic opening. As long as the attic is accessible, I get in there to inspect and take photos of what ever I find.

After 35 years of remodeling experience, it’s easy to spot things that are wrong. With this experience I can explain what is wrong to my customers and most of the time, explain how the problem will be repaired. Many times this eases the fear of the unknown for my customers. Knowing if the problem is an easy fix or if the problem will take a long time to repair will help in the decision making process.

After I finish with the visual inspection on your house, I scan the walls and ceiling with an infrared camera. Infrared cameras only see temperature differences. This lets me see things you cannot see with the naked eye. If there is moisture in a wall or ceiling, the moisture is usually a cooler temperature and will stand out on the camera screen. Infrared works great for checking the electric too. Even an electrical outlet that is damaged or has a short in it can test okay with a standard electrical tester, but may have a short in the wiring. The Infrared camera will pick up the heat signature of the short and will show the wiring that is heating up.

The exterior of the house is inspected with the same attention to detail. I will take one section or side of the house and carefully look at every detail. When I say I inspect your house from top to bottom, it doesn’t matter how tall it is. If the house is tall, I will use a DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone to take aerial photographs of the roof. When I download these photos to my computer, I can zoom in and see everything from thin cracks damaged or missing tiles.

All of the latest inspection tools and equipment travel with me to each inspection in case they are needed to provide the most thorough inspection possible.